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A Unisex KKW Body Fragrance for the Holidays Is Launching by Kim Kardashian

A Unisex KKW Body Fragrance for the Holidays Is Launching by Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West’s hotly anticipated unisex scent is at long last here—well, relatively here. The cosmetics and aroma tycoon took to Instagram today to report that two new emphasess of her KKW Body fragrance will dispatch on Friday November 2. KKW Body II (not unisex) and KKW Body III (unisex) come in a similar container that was shaped from Kardashian West’s very own body, however in various shades.

Kardashian West portrayed KKW Body II as a “shimmering, beachy flower opening with notes of bergamot, mandarin and neroli and completes with a rich musk and smooth coconut drain.”

Her first unisex scent KKW Body III was first prodded not long ago, and we at long last comprehend what it smells like. West composed that it’s a “cutting edge, woody botanical opening with pink and dark pepper and completes with layers of velvety sandalwood, luxury cedarwood, vetiver and vanilla.”

The first KKW Body fragrance has citrusy top notes that offer method to great florals like ylang, rose, and jasmine sambac. The musky base notes gave it a skin-like, arousing quality. In contrast to most different scents on the planet, you can’t simply stroll into a store to sniff and attempt the aroma before you get it, yet that doesn’t prevent fans from purchasing Kardashian West’s aromas at confounding rate. Or, in other words we took the first KKW Body aroma out in the city of NYC for a visually impaired sniff test to perceive what New Yorkers truly thought of the fragrance.

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