Bad habits when going to bed take away the beauty

Bad habits when going to bed take away the beauty

A good night’s sleep not only improves your mood but also improves your appearance. Unfortunately, only 25 percent of the population sleeps the recommended 8 hours a night, and most make common mistakes that don’t allow you to get the most out of sleep. Learn from these mistakes, to look your best.

Watch TV before bed

You may not feel very active when you are lying down watching TV or surfing the web before going to sleep, but the artificial light on the screen tricks your mind into thinking that it is not yet time to sleep.

Constantly watch the clock

Watching the clock to see how long you have to stay in bed before the alarm goes off increases anxiety. One recommendation is to keep the watch out of bed enough so you can’t see it without having to make a conscious decision to get up and walk just to check the time.

Talking on phone

Although catching up with family and friends is as common as the rest of your bedtime routine, talking on the phone can be detrimental to your sleep quality. A recent study showed that those who spoke on the phone for a long period before bedtime took longer to achieve deep sleep and with shorter periods of sleep.

Sleep in a warm room

Too hot a room does not let you rest properly since any temperature above 22 ° C does not send the brain the adequate signal to fall into a deep sleep.

Leave the lights on

The glare or flickering from digital watches, laptops, and other electronic equipment can be enough light to seriously disrupt melatonin levels (a hormone that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep). Do you need more proof? Before Thomas Edison created the light bulb in the year 1879, people slept an average of ten hours a night.

Take caffeine

Coffee, tea, and light coke may be the solution to the mid-afternoon slump, but you’d be surprised to know how long caffeine stays in the system. Doctors recommend drinking caffeinated products at least 8 hours before going to sleep.


Another reason to quit smoking is that smoking ruins your sleep. A recent study found that smokers have a higher level of brain activity during sleep, causing a lower quality of sleep translated into less rest. Make sure your last cigarette is at least four hours before you put your head on the pillow.


It might sound like a party pooper, but for a really restful night’s sleep, you should stay away from alcohol, period. One or two glasses of wine may help you fall asleep, but when alcohol leaves the bloodstream, it puts you on alert, which will not allow you to sleep soundly.

Tight pajamas

Wide pajamas are not sexy, but they help you sleep better. A recent study found that sleeping in tight clothing interferes with circadian rhythms enough to decrease melatonin levels and increase body temperature, the exact opposite of what sleep does.

Sleeping on your stomach or on your side

Dermatologists say that sleeping for years laying your face on a piece of cloth will make the indentations caused by the pillow stay forever. It is best to sleep on your back to avoid the expression lines problem.

Go to bed with makeup

Removing makeup and washing your face at bedtime removes all-day oil and dirt from your skin, helping to prevent clogged pores, leading to blackheads and blemishes.

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