Best breakfasts to activate your brain

Best breakfast to activate your brain

Breakfast is an ideal time to incorporate, through nutrition and the consumption of sufficient fluids, a powerful stimulant for the brain and its functional performance during the day.

Breakfast that will activate your brain

The foods that we choose to combine are of great importance so as not to overload the organism and not to slow down the brain. Here are some great options for a perfect breakfast to start the day.

1. Spinach and feta cheese tortillas

This protein rich breakfast   will help you maintain your energy levels for hours. For more fiber, serve the tortilla with whole grain toast. Add a green salad for a nutritious brunch or lunch.

2. Roasted Tomato, Cannellini Bean and Avocado Salad with Fried Eggs

Tomatoes and navy beans are a classic Italian combination that makes a perfect base to go with fried eggs. This dish is rich in antioxidants from tomatoes and vegetables. Roasting the tomatoes adds a layer of sweetness to the dish.

3. Peanut butter on whole wheat toast

In addition to being delicious, this breakfast provides a lot of energy and helps with brain activation, improving mental acuity. With peanut butter, you get the benefits of protein (you feel more satiated than you would if you had eaten a sugary cake). With the toast, you get the goodness of whole grains that keeps your blood sugar from spiking and regulates it during the morning.

Top your toast with some sliced ​​banana and you’ll add even more valuable vitamins, especially potassium, which helps keep your brain oxygenated to think more clearly and minimize stress.

4. Greek yogurt and berries

Yogurt for breakfast is nothing new, but Greek yogurt is exploding in popularity. Not only does it have twice the protein of regular yogurt, but it is richer and creamier than regular yogurt. The extra protein will make you feel more satisfied in the morning.


Greek yogurt is also lower in carbohydrates. The carbohydrates in a bagel or bagel will leave you feeling sluggish in the morning, prone to releasing more insulin than normal, and we already know that a drop in sugar comes with a decrease in mental alertness. Add some fruit or almonds to your yogurt to enhance the flavor and provide the healthy fat for the day.

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