Best Uses of Almond Oil

Best Uses of Almond Oil

Almond oil is a product of natural origin that is obtained after the press of the fruit. It is presented as a perfect product for sensitive skin or with low tolerance to chemicals. it is antioxidant, moisturizing, antimicrobial and rejuvenating properties make it a natural cosmetic desired by all.

In this article, we want to talk about Best uses of almond oil that will allow you to benefit from all its properties like never before. If you want to know more about all the applications that you can give to almond oil, don’t miss this article!

Almond Oil for Hair

If you suffer from dry hair, this sweet oil will give you unmatched shine and smoothness. It contains a large amount of vitamin E. Vitamin E acts on the scalp, improving cases of seborrhea dermatitis and dandruff, which prevents problems with falling due to follicle obstruction.

Besides, the moisturizing and repairing properties of almond oil make it an ideal natural product to restore health and softness to split ends and broken hair.  

Almond Oil for Face

Did you know that sweet almond oil is an excellent moisturizer? This means that it can retain moisture from the skin, thus maintaining its hydration. Its high content of proteins, amino acids and antioxidants, such as vitamins A and E, act by delaying the appearance of wrinkles and keeping the skin looking healthy and hydrated.

You can apply a few drops of oil on clean skin or add 2 drops to your usual moisturizer to enhance its effect.  

Almond Oil for Face

Baby Almond Oil

This oil is a soft and completely harmless product, making it suitable for use on skin as sensitive as a baby’s. How to use it? One of the recommendations is to apply oil if your baby suffers from diaper rash. Almond oil will calm the discomfort and irritation caused in your baby’s bottom and the private’s area. Your little one’s skin will be strongly hydrated and you will notice the improvement in a matter of minutes.

Another very effective use of sweet oil is to treat infant cradle cap, a type of dermatitis that appears as yellowish crusts on the heads of some newborns. To treat it, you just have to apply a few drops of almond oil on your fingers and apply it gently to the scab area. With this, you will be able to soften the scales until they detach themselves and fall.

Almond Oil for Eyelashes

If you want to show a heart attack look with long and nourished eyelashes, don’t miss this beauty trick using sweet almond oil. This oil provides the eyelashes with extra hydration that serves to regenerate and strengthen weakened hair. Follow this step:

1. Remove make-up from your eyes by pressing on the eyelashes. Make sure you have no traces of shadow, pencil, or mascara.

2. Apply a few drops of almond oil on a brush of eyelashes or gupillón (you can use a stick if you don’t have one).

3. Apply it to your lashes starting at the root. The application is similar to when you are applying makeup with mascara. You must be careful and use a small amount of product to prevent it from dripping and falling into your eyes.

4. When the entire tab is covered with the product, leave it on overnight.

Repeat this process every night and in a couple of months you will notice the change

Almond Oil for Eyelashes

Almond Oil for Pregnant Women

Almond oil is one of the most effective products that exist to treat stretch marks produced during pregnancy. So if you are pregnant, we recommend using it from minute one. Stretch marks are breaks in the fibers of the skin. Generally caused by notable changes in body volume, as can be the case in pregnant women.

Thanks to its smoothing and emollient properties and its high content of fatty acids and vitamin E. This Sweet oil has a great capacity to regenerate tissues and promote their elasticity, which prevents the appearance of the dreaded stretch marks.

Almond oil for pregnant women

Almond Oil for Massages

If you want to enjoy a moment of relaxation, this essential oil is an excellent relaxant to reduce anxiety caused by nervousness or tension. Also, you can use it if you have an inflammatory condition since it will help you to alleviate discomfort.

We recommend almond oil for massages because it is easily absorbed, does not leave the skin moist and because of its sweet and delicate aroma. Such a pleasure for the senses!

Almond oil for make-up removal

If you have sensitive skin and find it difficult to find a make-up remover that not only cleanses your skin but cares for it. This essential oil may be the ideal product to remove your makeup. Being an oil-based product, it has great cleaning power and is capable of completely removing all makeup, including the mascara.

Besides, with this product, you get the extra hydration that it will bring to your skin

Almond Oil for Acne

If you have intoxicated skin and acne problems. Oil-based products are not the most recommended, as they provide more sebum to the face and can worsen the problem. However, the case of almond oil is different, as its antimicrobial properties disinfect the pores facilitating the removal of impurities.

Wondering how to use almond oil to treat acne? We propose a most effective homemade mask that you can apply up to 3 times a week. You just have to mix in a bowl a tablespoon of sweet oil, an egg white and a tablespoon of honey. Mix well and apply to the area where you have an acne outbreak. Leave an exposure time of 20 minutes, remove with warm water and apply your usual moisturizer.

Lip Balm with Almond Oil

If there is one property that stands out from this powerful natural cosmetic, it is its hydrating and nourishing capacity. Therefore, if you have dry or chapped lips. You will not be able to find a better natural remedy. You just have to apply a few drops of this oil on your lips, giving light taps to fix it well. You can include it in your daily beauty routine and apply it morning and night, the results will surprise you!

Almond Oil for Stains

Did you know that almond oil also works to combat skin blemishes? In addition to the properties and benefits known to all this oil also has a great whitening power that can be very effective in lightening stains in melasma problems.

If you want to enhance its effect, prepare a mixture of sweet oil with honey and spread it over the area. Leave the remedy to work for about 15 minutes and remove it with plenty of warm water.

Almond Oil for Nails

Sweet almond oil is great for nourishing the cuticle area and hydrating nails. So if you have weak or damaged nails, a few drops of this incredible natural remedy can make all the difference.

Apply a drop of this oil to the cuticle area and massage gently with your fingers in circular movements until completely absorbed.

Almond Oil for Dark Circles

Due to its high content of vitamins, especially vitamin E, sweet almond oil has incredible regenerating and rejuvenating properties for the skin. If you have a dark circles problem, try this trick: massage the dark circle’s area every night with this oil. You must do it with gentle circular movements and always using the fingertip of the ring finger (since it is the one with the least force). Repeat this operation every night before sleeping.

If you prefer, you can also add a drop of oil to your eye cream, as this will further enhance its effect.

Almond Oil for Dark Circles

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