Cucumber and Lemon Juice

Cucumber and Lemon Juice to lose weight

Do you want to lose weight easily and effectively? To achieve our goal, it is convenient that in addition to go on a diet and sign up to the nearest gym for exercise. We also include some low-calorie foods that contain properties that facilitate weight loss. Among the most effective remedies, we find the shakes made with fruits and vegetables. As they contain fat-burning and depurative properties that will help us eliminate those substances accumulated within our body.

Currently, we can find a multitude of recipes to make slimming beverages. However, in an article of we recommend the juice of cucumber and lemon to lose weight. Since they are two vegetables rich in nutrients that will help us to reach the goal. Keep reading these lines and discover how to make it!

Benefits of cucumber and lemon juice to lose weight

Cucumber and lemon juice is a natural remedy that should be included in any diet to lose weight. Since both foods have a series of properties that will help you burn fat more effectively. Here’s a breakdown of the slimming properties of both cucumber and lemon:

Properties of Cucumber to Lose Weight

Low in calories: the cucumber is a vegetable that is composed mainly of water (around 90%). So it is considered a very low-calorie food and, therefore, ideal to lose kilos.
It is depurative: this richness in water also provides depurative properties, which eliminates toxins and mineral salts from the body, thus reducing the retention of fluids and fats in the body.
It is diuretic: its water content makes it a great natural diuretic. Thanks to this, the cucumber favors the elimination of impurities and toxic substances accumulated inside our organism through the urine.
It is satiating: this vegetable has a high fiber content so it has excellent satiating properties, which will reduce our appetite and facilitate weight loss.

Benefits of Lemon for Weight Loss

It is diuretic: lemon is a fruit with a richness in different acids (especially citrus) and flavonoids, which gives excellent diuretic properties that promote the elimination of fluids and fats through urine.
It is satiating: it is also rich in pectin, a kind of soluble fiber with powerful satiating properties. Thanks to them, we will reduce our appetite and avoid binge eating.
It is a great fat burner: lemon has a high content of pepsin and other flavonoids, which provides excellent fat burning properties, which stimulate our metabolism.
It is digestive: finally, it also contains digestive properties due to its richness in acid. Thanks to them, the lemon favors the secretion of gastric juices and we will avoid some problems that prevent us from losing weight like indigestion, abdominal swelling, and constipation.

How to take Cucumber with Lemon to Lose Weight

Now that you know what are the slimming properties of each of the ingredients of this home remedy, below we explain how to make the juice of cucumber and lemon to lose weight. For this, we will need the following amounts :
  1. Half cucumber
  2. 1 whole lemon
  3. 1 glass of mineral water

Preparation and Treatment

  1. Cut a cucumber into two pieces, peel one of the two halves, and then cut the half into pieces or slices.
  2. Cut a lemon in half and extract the juice from both sides.
  3. Next, add both the cucumber half slices and the lemon juice to a blender with a glass of mineral water.
  4. Mix all the ingredients in the blender until you get a uniform mixture without grunting. His juice has been very thick, add a little more water and again beat everything with this tool. You will have ready the juice of cucumber and lemon.
  5. To enhance its slimming effects, you will have to take this drink twice a day: one of the shots will be fasting to increase its diuretic properties, and the other will have to be before dinner to reduce your appetite.

Other Natural Juices to Lose Weight

In addition to cucumber and lemon juice, there are other natural drinks that can help you lose weight. Among the most popular we find:
Pineapple and celery shake: both ingredients have excellent diuretic and satiating properties. To prepare it you will have to add a blender 1 stalk of celery cut into pieces, 2 glasses of pineapple pieces and 2 glasses of mineral water. Take this remedy before breakfast and before dinner.
Carrot, apple and lemon juice: this drink has depurative, diuretic and thermogenic properties. Beat in a blender 4 chopped carrots, 1 apple cut into pieces and the juice of a lemon. Eat this shake twice a day.
Orange juice, aloe vera, and pineapple: another excellent drink to lose weight due to its powerful diuretic properties. Add in a blender 1 slice of pineapple, the gel extracted from an aloe vera leaf and the juice of an orange. Try everything until you get a juice without stumbling and take it at least once a day.
Watermelon and melon smoothie: it is a very low-calorie juice and also has remineralizing and diuretic properties. Add in a blender a slice of watermelon cut into pieces and without seeds and another slice of melon cut into pieces and also without seeds. Process everything and drink this juice twice a day.
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