Dye trends for fall 2020

Dye trends for fall 2020

Thanks to autumn we can have new trends regarding fashion and hair, specifically new colors that will give us a change of look for this season.

We only hope that among these recommendations, you can find the ideal look and that obviously goes according to your personality.

In the next few months you will be seeing the part of the root, in dark tones and the light tips that the roots can be marked or in a lower tone blurred, combinations of mahogany bases and cinnamon tips or chestnut bases with peanut tips.

Although if you are one of those who prefer the tips to be light and the roots darker, at once we tell you that it is not the most recommended option.

Strawberry bronde

This is a warm auburn type of tint, paired with hints of old strawberry color, a daring idea for fall that gives a washed-out look.

Luces color maple

To illuminate your face we suggest you think of maple, caramel, and hazelnut style lights, they will be a trend for this fall, and they can be thick or in piles, perhaps with more separated styles instead of locks.

Red in all its shapes and shades

The red tones return, which is positioned as the first places in the trends in brown skin, wine tones and red velvet, but if your skin is light in color, and you do not want to miss this color, the most suitable alternative is cherry and copper. .

Milky blonde

The blonde tones in autumn will be different from those of summer, the main characteristic is that they should look soft. To reach the ideal shade without the need for fading.

Classic chocolate

Returning with the sober tones, the chocolate dyes will be burning in the last months of the year in two versions: milk chocolate and espresso chocolate, one is clear and bright while the other should be a deeper shade with warm tints.

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Neon tints

The neon hair pieces are this fall’s most colorful bet that will undoubtedly look amazing. You will have the opportunity to wear them with full locks in a hidden layer behind your hair .

Double tones

This look consists of applying a dark tone on one part of the hair and a very light one on the other side to contrast. Each tone can be dyed in the middle of the hair by strands, the important thing is that both colors are very different and do not come together.

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