Exercises during quarantine

Easy exercises during the quarantine

Exercising is of utmost importance not only to maintain weight, or reduce height, but also to control a lot of diseases and chronic diseases, even in times of confinement, the exercises that can be done at home are many, even if we are going through quarantine.

Exercises to do at home during the quarantine

These exercises are of various intensities, it is recommended to start with few repetitions and not to do it if you suffer from bone health problems or any major injury.

1. Exercises for the back

Did you know that your back is the largest muscle in the upper body? This means that the back is an important metabolic muscle. In other words, back strength training causes calorie burning throughout the day.

According to NASM, your back is the basis of thoracic mobility, which is quite important if you are a woman who carries grocery bags and requires weight loads during the day.

Reverse Grip Back Row

1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, and keep your knees slightly bent.

2. Take two weights, palms facing out of your body.

3. Lean forward until your body is in a straight line, your neck is in line with your spine, your back is flat, and your navel is pulled toward your spine.

4. Now lift the weights towards your hips. Feel your shoulder blades tighten behind.

5. Bring the weights back to the starting position. You can repeat 8 to 15 times and do 3 to 5 sessions.

Reverse Grip Back Row

2. Superman Lat Pull

For the next exercise, we will not need weights or dumbbells, it is simply using balance and contraction.

1. Lying on your stomach, stretch your arms and legs as if trying to reach an object.

2. Squeeze your glutes and hamstrings to contract while lifting your legs and arms off the ground.

3. Hold this position while pulling your elbows toward your hips, activating your lats.

4. Extend your arms up and slowly lower your legs and arms to the floor.

5. You can repeat 5-10 times.

Superman Lat Pull

3. Closed-hand push-up

This is an excellent movement for the entire upper body, but especially for the triceps, which is the back of the arm, and the main area where women lose tone. Producing what is known as sagging arms.

This is an excellent movement for the entire upper body, but especially for the triceps, which is the back of the arm, and the main area where women lose tone. Producing what is known as sagging arms.

1. If you can’t do it by putting your toes on the floor, do it on your knees, although the work will be less. Put your hands together. Do push-ups, focusing your attention on the arms. As the image below shows.

2. If it is difficult for you to execute this movement with your hands very close, keep them more separated to start.

Closed-hand push-up

Open squat

Squats are one of the best exercises for women, as they work all the biggest muscles in the lower half of the body, making them incredibly efficient and effective in building muscle and burning calories. Performing the open squat, that is, turning the feet out, will make us work the inner part of the thighs and tone the glutes. Add these exercises to your daily leg routine.

1. Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width, toes slightly outward.

2. Lower your body by flexing your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Bring your arms up and your shoulders down and back, you should not overload your knees with your hands.

3. Pause, then slowly get up to the starting position.

Open squat

Classic lunges

Lunges, like squats, work the thighs and buttocks and are an effective exercise to increase leg resistance.

1. Standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, you take a big step forward and then do a leg flexion (maximum 90 °). The rear leg should be parallel to the ground, resting on the toe. Then push with the leg to return to the original position.

Classic lunges

6. Work abs with leg extension

This exercise works the abdominal muscles and the iliac psoas. Sitting on the floor mat with her chest tilted back, resting on her forearms, she stretches her legs and then tries to bring her knees closer to her chest. The feet should never touch the ground.

Work abs with leg extension

Triceps work with bench

This is a basic exercise in bodybuilding, it allows us to work the triceps and pectoral muscles with ease, anywhere, and with simple support.

On a chair or bench, resting on the hands, the feet shoulder-width apart, the legs stretched and tight, the buttocks will be in the air and only the heels are on the ground. Flex your arms at an inverted 90 ° angle, then back off.

Triceps work with bench

The most important thing to see a quick change is the regularity of the workouts, not neglecting the moments of rest, and trying to maintain a weekly rhythm, adapted to our physical and resistance capacities.

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