Glossy-Brown hair

Glossy-Brown hair: The new trend for dark hair

When it comes to giving life to dark hair, most of us turn to blonde highlights, either in the form of babylights or balayage in its multiple and varied versions. And that can sometimes ruin the objective because many times those colors that in our mind were golden or honey turn orange and very unflattering. What to do then? The solution is much simpler than it seems and is to enhance the shine of our hair.


If your hair is dark, brown and one step away from black naturally, you are in luck because you will only have to hydrate it very very well with masks at home or, if you have it a little crushed, with treatments in the salon to achieve that shine so flattering. In the event that your tone is not very defined as it happens to many of us, there are more options. The objective is to find a warm but dark tone that we can achieve only with a traditional dye or even with a color bath that damages the hairless, to which we can add some reflections in caramel or chocolate tones.

The truth is that we love that these tones are worn so much because they give us the opportunity to keep our manes from more aggressive discolorations for a season and take advantage of it to regain their health.

A simple way to enhance that shine that we have liked so much is to add soft reflections in various tones and always slightly lighter than the natural tone of your hair but without reaching blonde in any case. The idea is to achieve a super sophisticated and classic finish, away from those worn effects that have been worn so much (and still are) but emulating the light that they bring to the face.

One of the great advantages of this almost brown chestnut color is that it is very easy to maintain, especially if your hair is already like this, or similar, in a natural way. Covering gray hair with brown or chocolate highlights is the best option if you have them and will give your hair a nice three-dimensional effect. The rest goes through good hydration and a layered cut that gives it movement, especially if you have very long hair.

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