Home Remedies for burnt lips

Home Remedies for burnt lips

The mouth is a very important area within the face, which has to be well cared for so that the face shows a healthy appearance. Lip care is essential to be able to show off a beautiful mouth every day. There are a large number of factors that can cause the lips to suffer alterations such as dehydration, swelling or even that they appear cracked and small wounds form. It is best to avoid reaching this extreme of burning of the lips, as it can be very annoying and take a while to regain its normal appearance.

There are a large number of cosmetics and products that can be used effectively to prevent or reduce dehydration and burning, but you can also choose to try, before getting them, with natural remedies that can be even more effective than those products. that we can acquire. They are very simple solutions to carry out at home and, in addition, they will allow you a small saving. That’s why we explain some home remedies for burned lips.

Causes of burned lips

The lips are one of the most delicate areas of our body due to various factors. In the first place, it is one of the parts of our body, together with the hands, that is most exposed to outside agents, for example, atmospheric agents. The changes of season can cause dehydration and burning of the lips due to changes in temperature, both from the cold and from the heat. The wind and variations in the humidity of the air can also generate this type of alteration in this area of ​​the body.

In addition, our lips are more affected by these conditions because the skin is much thinner than other areas of the body that are also exposed. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the lips lack sweat glands (which generate sweat) and sebaceous glands (which produce fat), so it is very normal for dehydration to easily occur that leads to burning. That is why it is very important that we maintain regular care of this part of the body.

How to hydrate lips – tips

Before explaining some home remedies for burned lips, it is important that you also know some factors that can help you avoid dehydration and burning.

  • Hydrate your lips : keep in mind that you have to do it both inside and out, that is, you have to drink water to keep all the skin hydrated, including the lips. Experts recommend drinking between two and two and a half liters a day, depending on how physically active you are.
  • Avoid licking your lips : especially when you notice them dry, because by moistening them on the surface you only get the burning process to accelerate.
  • Use petroleum jelly : we also recommend that you always have petroleum jelly on hand, to reduce the chances of getting burned.

Home remedies for burned lips

There are several products that we have regularly at home that can be used as effective remedies to cure burned lips.

The first step: exfoliate the lips

If your lips have become dehydrated and burned, the first step you should take before applying any type of remedy is to exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells so that the remedies have the desired effect. Take a soft bristle brush and mix a small amount of honey with sugar until you get a grainy paste. Apply it on your lips and very gently draw circles on them with the brush to exfoliate them properly. When you’re done, remove the paste and any dead skin remnants with warm water.

Olive oil or honey for burned lips

After exfoliating the lips they are ready for the application of the chosen remedy. Both olive oil and honey are very effective products for burned lips. We recommend that you apply them at night , so that your lips can absorb them properly. Put on the right amount so that your lips are well impregnated with oil or honey. The next morning, remove the remains with a little warm water. Your lips will be much softer. We advise you to do it for three consecutive nights .

Creams for burned lips

You can also prepare a natural mask to hydrate and nourish your lips. Mix some natural yogurt with honey and apply it to your lips. Keep it for 15 minutes and then remove it with water. Also repeat three days in a row .

Aloe Vera for burning lips

Aloe Vera is a plant used to relieve and improve burns, which is why this product is perfect for burned lips. If you have this plant at home, cut a leaf, and extract all the gel that is inside it. To maximize the effect, store it for an hour in the freezer and then apply it to your lips, keeping it for 10 minutes before removing it with water. The properties of aloe Vera and cold will nourish and soothe your burned lips. You can repeat it every two days.

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