How to apply gel liner

How to apply gel liner

A good eyeliner is capable of enhancing the expressiveness and attractiveness of a look, allowing you to wear a more or less intense makeup according to our preferences. Among the cosmetics indicated for this, we find the gel liner an ideal alternative for those women who do not have a perfect pulse to use the liquid formula. Besides, the gel format leaves a more silky and durable finish, making it a spectacular product that you can incorporate into your makeup kit. Don’t miss the tips in this article and discover step by step how to apply gel liner.

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The gel liner is usually presented concentrated in a small container and requires the use of a specific brush to apply it if you want the final finish to be impeccable and highlight the expressiveness of your eyes. The brush you need is the one shown in the image, it is a small brush with an angular cut that allows you to make a much more defined stroke.

gel liner

There are several ways to apply the gel liner but we are going to show you the simplest and with which a perfect and natural line is assured. Before starting to use it, we advise you to apply a little primer for eye shadow on the mobile eyelid, so that the liner will remain intact for a longer time.

Now is the time to apply the gel liner. Open the bottle and take a bit of the product by lightly brushing the surface. Do not try to immerse the brush in the container as these are quite thick and little quantity is needed.

With the angular part of the brush, start drawing a line just above the top lashes. It is best to start at the outside of the eye and progress through small strokes until you reach the torn area.

apply the gel

If the first outline does not convince you or you see that the stroke has not been well, take a little more product and correct the errors carefully. In this way, your eye makeup will be perfect and much more intense. Keep your eyes closed for a few seconds to allow the liner to dry completely. For a natural effect, you can blend the ends of the liner with the help of a cotton pad.

The eyeliners gel tends to dry easily and to keep it in good condition is important that each time with the brush collect the product, a closure to the container. If your gel liner has dried and you can not use it, try adding a drop of baby oil and stir with an orange stick, with this simple trick you will get to repair it and make up your eyes again.

Prevent your eye makeup from spoiling and make it much more durable, putting into practice the advice.

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