How to Apply Lipstick on Thin Lips

How to Apply Lipstick on Thin Lips

Do you have thin lips and do not know how to take advantage of them? Do not worry, this is no longer a problem because with some makeup tricks it is possible to wear thicker and fuller lips. And the best thing is that it is so simple that in a few minutes you can make them up by giving them the shape and size you want. You just have to choose the right lipsticks and cosmetics to achieve it. Pay attention to the tips in this article and discover How to Apply Lipstick on Thin Lips.

Follow these Steps :

To make your lips look more voluminous, the first thing you should do is discard all those profilers and dark colored lipsticks, as these will sharpen and your mouth will look even smaller. Prefer the lightest, natural tones, with a little shine and you’ll have super sensual lips.
It is important that before starting to make up the lips, they are free of skin and are well hydrated.

Now it’s time to start the makeup. To give more volume to thin lips, first take a lipstick that resembles the tone of your skin. You should outline the outline of your lips a little above your natural line, do it very carefully and without pressing too much so as not to obtain a too artificial finish. With this step, your lips will appear thicker and more defined.
Once they are well outlined, you must fill the lips with a lipstick. As we have pointed out, choose clear lipstick like pink, peach, nude , etc. to give more breadth. We recommend applying the lipstick with a specific brush to make up all the corners and do it with more precision.
This last trick that we show you next you must not ignore it. Because it is perfect to make up thin lips and give them much more volume. When finishing the makeup, apply a little transparent gloss just in the middle of the upper and lower lip or in that lip that is finer, and you will notice the difference.
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