How to be pretty without makeup

How to be pretty without makeup

How to be pretty without makeup

Many times we tend to abuse makeup when we go out, at celebrations, important events, leisure spaces and even at work. Sometimes we even come to believe that if we do not use makeup, our beauty (and self-esteem) will end up on the floor, without realizing that the abuse of these products can be very harmful to our face.

Did you know that it is possible to have a completely natural beautiful face without the need to use makeup? In this article, we show you how to be pretty without makeup with some tips that will help you have a healthy and beautiful face. Let your face breathe!

1. Hydrate your face
2. Take care of your smile
3. Use sunscreen
4. Attend to the eye contour
5. Sleep adequately
6. Use essential oils for lashes
7. Use face toner
8. Show off healthy hair
9. Eat a balanced diet

Hydrate your face

The skin hydration is very important to look nice and stay young and fresh, as it will make this breathe properly. To do this, use your usual moisturizer, which you can accompany with the previous use of a moisturizing facial serum. Apply both in the morning and at night and you will help your skin retain moisture and stay glowing.

Also, always remember to drink at least two liters of water a day. So that both the skin of your face and the skin of the rest of the body reach an adequate level of hydration.

Hydrate your face

Take care of your smile

One of the most important aspects to take into account to show a healthy face is our teeth. Going to the dentist regularly to take care of our smile is a guarantee if you want to know how to be beautiful in the face.

Use sunscreen

The sun is responsible for many of the spots that appear on the face and skin with age. These make the face look aged and tired, o avoiding them will be key to looking healthy and beautiful without having to hide them with makeup.

To do this, you can use beauty treatments to reduce blemishes on your face , but the most important thing is that you use sunscreen every day, even on rainy days and even when you do not leave the house.

Some sunscreens are also hydrating and tinted. So you can use them as a daytime moisturizing facial cream and as a base to even out the tone of your face. You will know how to look good without makeup!

How to be pretty without makeup

Attend to the eye contour

Over time, dark circles become more and more visible and irremediable. However, we can hide them without using makeup only with the help of some cream for the eye contour :

  1. Apply a small amount of cream to clean face.
  2. Make small taps around the eye contour and from the outside in.
  3. Dab gently on the eyelids following the same procedure.
  4. Massage gently until the cream is fully integrated into the skin.

On many occasions, the marked appearance of dark circles is due to a lack of hydration in the area. So keeping the skin hydrated will also help reduce its appearance. In addition, we recommend that you avoid touching the skin around the eyes too much, as it is thinner and wrinkles more easily.

Sleep adequately

It is well known that a bad sleep habit has a direct relationship with the appearance of our face, so it is ideal to be able to sleep between seven and eight hours a day to maintain a healthy skin and mind.

Remember that, starting at midnight, our body produces melatonin , a hormone that helps us fall asleep and is a source of beauty that is lost with age. If you have problems sleeping, you can always make use of an infusion to help you relax and make it easier for you to sleep.

Use essential oils for lashes

Curly lashes with great volume are a great symbol of beauty. However, when we put on makeup we usually use mascara, a product that over time can be very harmful to our eyelashes, and can even favor their fall. We suggest using coconut oil for eyelashes, as it has antioxidant properties and essential minerals that help maintain the volume of your eyelashes without the need to use makeup.

  1. Apply a little oil on your lashes at night.
  2. Leave it to act without rinsing.
  3. Wash your face as you normally would in the morning.
  4. Apply it every night to notice its effects.

Apart from coconut oil you can also use olive oil following the same procedure (having previously heated the oil).

Use face toner

If you want to show off healthy, shiny skin without makeup, the toner cannot be missing from your toiletry bag. The toner restores the pH of the skin and removes oil from the face . To apply it correctly in a beauty routine, follow these steps:

  1. Wash your face well before applying toner.
  2. Spread it over the skin and massage gently. You can use a cotton pad.
  3. Apply a moisturizer or any other facial treatment such as serums.

Show off healthy hair

Keep your hair clean and hydrated. To do this, you can make use of natural shampoos or essential oils. Since the abuse of conventional products can damage it. Well-groomed hair is a guarantee of beauty for your face and, we want to make it easy for you with these hairstyle tips that will make you look beautiful :

  • A toupee hairstyle is ideal for showing off shiny hair at celebrations.
  • For informal occasions, you can always use a bun with loose hair or semi-collected hair with the help of a braid.
  • If you have a small face, you can pick up a ponytail or make braids as they will help to highlight it.
  • If you have long, wavy hair, you can let your hair down and make it look shiny and hydrated.

Eat a balanced diet

good diet benefits not only the internal health of your body but also the external appearance of your body. Eating healthy means that your skin will be receiving the vitamins and minerals necessary to rejuvenate cells, as well as staying hydrated, young, and strong.

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