How to combat stress with a proper diet

How to combat stress with a proper diet

Did you know that practically all of us have suffered stress at some point in our lives? You probably knew, but I’m sure what you don’t know is that there is a way to combat stress with a diet . Surprised right?

If you are interested in following a diet that, in addition to helping you achieve the body you want, helps you maintain low stress levels so that you can feel happy and healthy at all times, then join me to walk through the qualities you should have a diet that fights against stress .

The best foods to combat stress

  • Foods with mild sweetness: within this category, pumpkin, onion, carrots or garlic stand out for their unique and delicious flavor. These foods are recommended because the sweet taste is mild and because they act as a relaxant for our body.
  • Low in carbohydrates: Although it was mentioned above that sweet foods help you, you should be aware that some foods are too sweet! and they cause you to feel irritable and even depressed. If you want to reduce the annoying feeling of anxiety, then add foods such as vegetables, legumes and cereals rich in fiber to your daily diet, and always choose foods with complex carbohydrates, such as those in fruits and nuts.
  • Rich in vitamin C: Possibly you immediately thought of a bag full of oranges, which is correct, however, you can add other foods quite rich in vitamin C, such as broccoli or cabbage, to your dishes. The importance of consuming this vitamin lies in the fact that, in stressful situations, our body consumes it in an accelerated way.
  • Foods with abundant magnesium: When you consume this mineral, your body is better prepared to face moments of anxiety and stress. This is possible thanks to the fact that magnesium acts as a relaxant directly in the central nervous system, so much so that it is used in many anti-stress pharmaceutical products. So don’t forget to always carry a bag full of dried walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds with you.
How to combat stress with a proper diet

Foods that can increase anxiety

You should avoid consuming foods full of sugars and saturated fats , because they will cause an imbalance in your blood glucose levels and therefore you will feel nervous and distracted, thus increasing the feeling of stress in you.

In the same way, you should forget about extremely processed foods, because the vast majority of the chemicals and additives that are usually used to preserve them have a negative impact on your body that will lead to additional stress.

Diet alone doesn’t help

No, it is not enough just to control your meals if you want to avoid the negative effects that stress has on your health . You should also think about changing the daily habits that you know that hurt you, in addition to including in your weekly routine a few hours of exercises such as Tai Chi or Yoga , both activities considered by experts as anti-stress par excellence.


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