How to cut a child’s hair at home

How to cut a child's hair at home

We know that cutting a child’s hair is not an easy task. They are often whirlwinds with little patience that is difficult to control. However, there are times when we can’t go to the salon or just don’t want to spend money on something we can comfortably do from home.

So that you do not fail in the attempt and learn how to cut a child’s hair at home. We offer you a few tips and a step by step video that will guide you and solve all your doubts. Let’s go there!

Table of Contents

1. Tips and material to cut a child’s hair at home

2. How to cut a child’s hair with scissors – step by step

3. How to cut a child’s hair with a machine

Tips and material to cut a child’s hair at home

Before starting with the step by step, we want to offer you a list of the material you will need to carry out the haircut. Get the following:

Hair scissors: it is important that the scissors you are going to use are for the hair since they are the only ones that will allow you to carry out the task in total comfort. If you want to cut your hair with a machine, you can do without the scissors.

A thin comb: with the comb, you will have to untangle the child’s hair and brush his hair as it is cut, so keep it on hand at all times.

A spray with water: to better manage the hair of the boy or girl, it will be better for their hair to be wet, so if you prefer to shower it after the cut to remove the hairs that are left at the nape of your neck and forehead, it is best to wet your hair with a spray bottle filled with water during cutting.

A towel: put a towel around your neck so that the hair you are cutting does not get inside the shirt.

In addition, if the boy or girl in question is very moved or small, it may be difficult to keep him quiet during the cut, so we advise you to put the drawings or give him the mobile so that he is distracted and does not move excessively.

How to cut a child’s hair with scissors – step by step

Once you have the materials prepared and the child is sitting comfortably, you can start making the cut. The best option if you are wondering how to make a long haircut for a child is to use scissors, so follow these steps:

1. Wet your child’s hair with the spray or make him shower before starting.

2. Detangle your hair with the comb before you start. To get a guide, start by making a circle around the child’s head; make a line from the middle of the eyebrow to the back, that is, to one side of the child’s head. The line has to go as far as the crown falls. Comb the rest of the hair up.

3. Do the same on the other side, so that the top of the child’s head is combed up.

4. You’ll need to contour first, so flatten your hair with the comb and carefully cut above the ear. Do the same on the other side.

5. To cut the nape of the neck, lower all the hair straight down and cut the excess hair.

6. Take a lock of the front part of the hair between your fingers to guide them. Put the lock straight, in the center, and cut. Keep doing the same thing, taking locks from the front and pulling them back to cut the length you want.

7. As you cut strands from behind, you can lower them a little more between your fingers so as not to cut as many centimeters. The trick is to take strands in a row, bring them to the center, and cut the size you prefer. When you reach the middle, do the same on the other side.

8. When you’re done, pull down another layer of hair that you previously left the child on top. Calculate about two fingers thick and lower the layer before combing it down. Remember that you have to lose hair both from the center and from the sides of the child’s head.

9. You will have to start at the crown, so take a layer of the hair that you have just downloaded and taken, also, a lock of hair already cut to guide you. Lower the strand back between your fingers and cut straight, helping you with the previously cut hair guide.

10. Once you have finished with these locks, you will have to go to the top. To make the process easier, make the line in the middle of the child’s head and start taking locks from there. Once again, we advise you to serve as a guide with a cut swirl lock.

11. Once you have the lock that you are going to cut, stretch it up with your fingers and start cutting the excess, always guiding you with the already cut locks so as not to overdo it. Always cut backward.

12. If the front (that of the bangs) is too long for your taste, layer horizontally, take them between your fingers, stretch up again, and cut off the excess beak. As you cut the ones ahead, always pull your fingers back so you don’t cut too many bangs.

If your son or daughter has bangs, remember that wet hair always looks longer. So, be careful when cutting your bangs; stand in front to catch between your fingers the strands you want to cut and get rid of the remaining centimeters. Dry the little one’s hair and he is ready!

How to cut a child’s hair with a machine

If you don’t have hair scissors on hand or you prefer to learn how to cut a child’s hair at home with a machine, you will have to follow other steps. We explain how to cut a child’s hair so that it is modern with heads numbers 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8.

1. You should start with the child’s dry hair. Detangle the hair well with a comb and analyze the child’s head; if the crown indicates the right, the child will have to comb to the right. If, on the contrary, this indicates the left side, you will have to comb your hair to the left. If you have two eddies, choose the more marked one.

2. Comb in favor of hair growth and with head number 3, start cutting upwards. Always from bottom to top. Cut following an imaginary line that surrounds the child’s head from side to side, as we have done with scissors. When you reach the limit of that line, move the machine away.

3. Take head 4 to join the sides to the top; cut a little higher, also from the bottom to the top, so that the gradient is noticeable. Do not cut the bangs, leave it combed forward.

4. With head number 6 you will have to cut even a little higher; Do it around the head, both on the sides and in the back. Always respect the crown part, that is, do not go up from there.

5. With the number 2 head, it goes over the contours, so the hairstyle will look more elegant and the child will have the best-defined hairstyle. If you want, you can do without ahead to further define the temples and the nape of the neck (remember not to cut the hairline at the nape too high).

6. To cut the top, the idea is to do it with scissors. Take the shorter strands under the crown as a guide and, as we have explained before, take strands and cut the excess hair. However, we offer you another option if you do not have scissors on hand.

7. Hold the comb with your left hand and the machine with your right (upside down if you are left-handed). Comb the bangs well forward and slide the comb forward as well, lifting a few strands of hair at once. Leave the hairpin straight forward and cut the excess hair with the machine. Do the same for the entire area of ​​the bangs.

If what you want is to learn how to cut a child’s hair to leave it long, it will be best to leave the machine aside and bet on the scissors, since these will allow you to better control the centimeters you cut.

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