How to dye your hair with crepe paper

The colored highlights bring a bit of uprising and originality to our curls. These are very fashionable in recent times. Now we can see hundreds of teenagers with colorful manes on the streets of the city. In beauty products you will find dyes of all colors, however, they can damage the hair when applied. It is useless to have a mane with beautiful colors if we have dry and bad looking hair from so much dyeing. In this article, we teach you how to dye your hair with crepe paper, a much cheaper technique that does no harm the hair.

Follow these steps to dye the hair with crepe paper

  1. Put the saucepan on the fire and add water to it. Heat the water but expect to boil.
  1. When it is hot, dispense the water into a container since it will be dyed with the crepe paper.
  1. Cut the crepe paper into small pieces you have chosen the color and add it to the container. Put a good amount of paper so that the color is more intense.
  1. Mix it with a spoon to make the ink come off much faster. And, when it’s done, let this mixture sit for 15-20 minutes.

  1. Then put on some gloves and put the lock of hair into the container for 15 minutes. After a time, remove the hair from there and wrap it with an old towel, since it will be completely dyed.
  1. Let it dry and you will immediately notice the results. You can dye as many times a week as you want since this technique does not damage the hair as much as the others.
  1. You should bear in mind that the lighter the base of the lock of hair, the more intense the color will be.  If you don’t like how the result turned out, don’t worry, because after several washes the color will gradually fade away.

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