How to introduce a child to reading

How to introduce a child to reading

How to introduce a child to reading

It is never too early to initiate your young child to the joys of reading. The book is a curious and magical object for a child, it allows him to explore wonderful worlds and learn through the experiences that are described there.

Encourage your child to read at an early age

Cultivating your child’s love of reading will stimulate his cognitive abilities , such as concentration, listening, or an analytical mind. However, it is important to make reading a moment of pleasure and discovery and not a duty.

Choose the right book

The book you choose will make all the difference in the interest and pleasure your child will feel reading. The best idea is to choose books with bright colors and multiple textures that a child can handle easily. If the child is less than two years old, repetitive books with many rhymes are preferable to facilitate understanding.

Release the clown inside of you

Reading to your toddler is the perfect excuse to unleash your inner creativity and the comedian within you. Yes, it may sound silly, but your entertainment also depends on the way you read it. Funny voices, animal sounds and faces will help you get their attention.

Take good habits

The more you read stories to your child, the more he will learn . Try to enjoy it and not see it as a chore. It is also a time that allows you to sit back and relax for 5 min.

Reading should not be done at specific times, if your little one is too tired at night, read him a story after lunch or before bathing, for example. She also uses the stories to help the child calm down or distract himself during a tantrum .

Fall in love with the library

Once he is older, let your child choose his own books . It is an important part of developing your love of reading. Check it out at the nearest library, it’s free for kids, and you’ll find a wide range of options.

In addition to being a fun activity , the library will allow you to meet other parents and share tips and some good ideas .

Reading difficulties

If you think your child is having difficulty learning , talk to his teacher first and, if necessary, consult your family doctor. Here are some symptoms that indicate if a child has difficulty reading :

  • It hardly recognizes letters and words.
  • You cannot associate a letter with a sound.
  • Doesn’t follow the thread of a story well.
  • You don’t make a connection between a story and your own experience.
  • Pay little attention when reading a story aloud.
  • You cannot write your name.

Your child may also have visual , hearing, or neurological problems , such as dyslexia (which causes difficulties in distinguishing letters).

If this is the case, it is better that the evaluation is carried out by a professional as soon as possible so that the means to help the child in his learning are put in place.

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