How to lighten hair

How to lighten hair

This color illuminates our hair but it does so in the least aggressive way and with the most natural finish, achieving a fairly sophisticated mane, super degraded and without transitions.

September is just around the corner and we are not only starting to think about changing the wardrobe but also about ideas for new hairstyles for the next season. A new ‘course’ in which a change is always more than desirable. And necessary. After the summer, it is inevitable, our hair is very damaged and needs some extra pampering to regain its health, its silky touch, and its shine. That’s when things get tricky – is it the best time to re-color and bleach it excessively? Perhaps not, and hence this new color technique that will illuminate our hair, making it also appear healthier.

We talk about the ‘Illuminage’ technique and it has  created by the Wella firm. Its own name says it all, the new Illuminage coloring illuminates our hair but it does so in the least aggressive way and with the most natural finish, achieving a fairly sophisticated, super degraded hair without transitions. It is as if you have the sun’s rays reflecting off your hair all day long, be it blonde, brown or brown .

How to lighten hair

The ‘Iluminage’ technique achieves very beautifully and natural hair colors, with a gloss effect, which is achieved thanks to a very subtle and personalized coloring work by making almost imperceptible reflections on lengths and ends. It can be accentuated around the face to give a lot of light to the face.

By only dyeing a few strands and at strategic points, the hair lightens quite naturally without damaging it. It is carried out through hair contouring and hence its extreme versatility and ability to adapt to our style, features, and features.

In addition, the Illuminate, which lowers some shades of the base color very softly, adapts to all skin and eye tones. It is simply a bath of light with reflections for a beautiful, natural mane and, best of all, that it hardly needs maintenance.

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