How to lose weight with exercise

How to lose weight with exercise

Do you want to lose weight? In order to get rid of those love handles that bother you so much, there is no other secret than eating a balanced diet, but also doing the physical exercise that helps us burn the excess calories that accumulate in our body in the form of saturated fat if we do not burn them. But how much exercise to do to lose weight? What exercises are the most recommended? In this article, we are going to give you all the keys with which you will be able to know how to lose weight with exercise and be able to remove yourself once and for all those annoying extra kilos.

Follow these steps to lose weight with exercise

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that to lose weight we need to burn calories and, for this, there is nothing more effective than a good cardiovascular exercise session that will activate our metabolism and make our body need to use more energy (that is, go to fat reserves) to be able to continue with the exercise. Remember that our body works like a machine and the calories in food are gasoline, fat would be the gasoline that remains in “reserve” mode and is used when the rest of the calories have been consumed.

Thus, in order to lose weight with exercise, it is essential that you incorporate into your routine different practices that activate the cardiovascular system to force your body to burn stored fat. The best exercises to achieve this are the following:

  • Running: Going for a run is a free and easy way to burn calories. You don’t have to have a treadmill. Better to go outside and enjoy the scenery. Don’t forget to be well hydrated!
  • Walking: if you are not running, walk. Oddly enough, walking for at least half an hour a day will help you burn those calories that bother you so much. In addition, walking at a good pace is the easiest way to exercise. If you don’t have time to go for a walk every day, just go to your workplace. If you have it far from home and you are going by public transport or by car, park a little further away or get off one or two stops earlier. Of course, walk lightly.
  • Bicycle: another of the best exercises is to get on a bike or on a static and combine different rhythms and intensities that will help you burn accumulated fat, activate your circulation, and make the bodywork faster.
  • Aerobic exercises: if you prefer to burn fat while having fun, a good option is to join a gym where they do direct classes and try aerobics or Zumba, one of the most popular options currently, and that gets you to burn in a single session! up to 400 calories!

In order to lose weight by exercising, it is also important that you combine different intensities . Think that our body gets used to the demands that you are setting very quickly and, in a few minutes, it will adapt to the new rhythm and, therefore, it will stop burning as many calories as it did at the beginning.

So, to get the most out of your cardiovascular sessions, it is best to choose programs in which the intensity varies or, if you go out for a run in the street, combine different rhythms (sprints, jogging, walking, etc.), This way you will ensure that your body does not get used to the demands and is alert all the time, therefore, making it work at its maximum capacity.

Another important point to be able to lose weight by exercising is knowing how much time you have to dedicate to be able to notice changes in your body. Think that the body begins to notice the activity after 45 minutes of exercise so, at least, you will have to be in the gym this time to see visible results. At 45 minutes, both liver and muscle glycogen stores begin to decline and, therefore, the body uses fat as fuel, thus beginning the weight loss process.

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This is one of the main reasons why it is recommended to start your training with toning exercises and end with cardiovascular exercises as it will be during the last part of your training when your body begins to burn the fat that you have stored, at first, only use the most immediate calories you have taken that day. So an ideal training schedule is divided into the following schedule:

  • Start : 10-minute warm-up and stretching
  • Muscle toning exercises : 30 minutes doing different exercises to work the muscle
  • Cardiovascular exercises : at least 30 of cardiovascular exercises to burn excess accumulated fat
  • Final : 10 minutes of stretching

So a basic gym session usually lasts around an hour or an hour and a half, only then, will you be able to see results in the short and long term.

In order to lose weight while exercising, it is also important that you dedicate at least 3 days a week to practicing sports, although, the truth is that the ideal is that it should be between 4 or 5 days to be able to burn to the maximum. You should never do it daily because our body needs to recover, rest and repair the damage it has suffered with training, in addition, think that it is during breaks when the muscles repair and grow, so it is counterproductive not to rest because you do not allow your muscle to develop.

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