How to maintain a beautiful body

How to maintain a beautiful body : Tips

There are different techniques to keep the body beautiful and counteract certain accidents that may occur.

For irritations and burns, you can use aloe and mango. Aloe leaves are efficient in case of irritations and burns on the skin, for this you open a leaf and put it on the skin leaving it to act. For its part, the mango is very good for dry skin, for this we pass the back of a shell for the skin and leave a few minutes, then rinse with warm water.
Did you get stretch marks? Stretch marks can be combated with purple beetroot shells, peel shells and the heart of the carrot. This combination is liquefied and applied to white streaks.
If you have dehydrated skin fill the hot tub and add two or three tablespoons of soy milk. This will help you to have hydrated, supple and perfumed skin. Some people suffer from the dry skin after taking a bath. To re hydrate it is advisable to apply a good cream with the skin still moist.
All these mentioned techniques will help you save money since as you may have noticed they are homemade but very effective techniques.

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