How to make a baking soda exfoliator

How to make a baking soda Exfoliator

The baking soda is inserted fully into the world of natural cosmetics and many beauty tricks that can be done with it. Among the most outstanding, we find that it works great to exfoliate the skin because it allows to eliminate the impurities and recover the softness and natural luminosity of the face. If you want to discover a great homemade recipe to beautify your skin economically, take note of the one we show you in this article about how to make a baking soda exfoliant.

Follow these Steps:

The exfoliant of baking soda can be prepared exclusively by mixing this product with a little water but to obtain more precise results, clean the skin in depth and leave it much softer, in a way. We suggest adding one more ingredient to the recipe: flour of oatmeal, which is ideal both for the treatment of oily and dry skin. So you will need to gather:
  1. 2 tablespoons of baking soda
  2. 2 tablespoons oatmeal
  3. Water
To make this homemade bicarbonate scrub, take a bowl a little deep to make the mixture of ingredients. First, add the baking soda and oatmeal, and then add a little water. Remove with the help of a spoon until you get a somewhat thick paste, in case it is very solid you will only have to add more water, and that’s it! Likewise, women with oily skin can also add a few drops of perfect lemon juice to reduce the oiliness of the face.
How to make a baking soda exfoliator
After these simple steps, you should only apply the scrub on the clean face. Do it by means of soft and circular massages, spreading it evenly over all the areas of the face and especially affecting the forehead, the nostrils, the chin which is where it usually accumulates more grease and dirt. Avoid, on the contrary, apply them to the contours of eyes.
How to make a baking soda exfoliator

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