How to make almond milk at home with easy steps

How to make almond milk at home with easy steps

The almond milk is a perfect alternative for all those who have lactose intolerance. Since it only consists of almonds, water, and aroma that we like. In addition, it has an infinity of properties that potentially benefit our health and make it an ideal food for everyone, except for those allergic to nuts. Among all its benefits, its high potassium content stands out, which makes it a perfect diuretic treatment. Its digestive properties and its high percentage of fiber. If you want to know how to make almond milk at home, read on, and discover the steps.


Follow these steps to make Almond Milk 

To make homemade almond milk you will need raw almonds. The quantities specified for just 1 liter of milk. It depends on the intensity that we want to give the flavor. Thus, if we want milk with more almond flavor. You can increase the amount of these and decrease the amount of water. Of course, you should keep in mind that if you reduce the water. The final amount of almond milk will also be reduced.

You do not need to remove the skin from the almonds, it will not alter the flavor. What you should do is leave them to soak in water for 4 hours or even overnight. In this way, all their nutritional properties will be enhanced. Over time, throw the water away and rinse the almonds several times with clean water.

Put the clean almonds in a blender. Pour the three cups of water and beat everything for a few minutes. If you do not have a blender you can use a normal mixer. Just keep in mind that it will take much time, but the result is practically the same. You must beat until there are no remains of almonds, but a paste. At this time you can add the aroma that you like the most to intensify the flavor of your homemade almond milk and continue beating. It is not mandatory but it will give it a different touch. You can use cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom …, whatever you want.


How to make almond milk at home Once you have the mixture well beaten. It is time to strain it to obtain almond milk. To do this, you will need a container and a fine mesh or cloth strainer, preferably the first one. If you don’t have any of these strainers. You can use an organic cotton bag, a fine clean cotton cloth or gauze. In case of using the cloth, cotton cloth or gauze, you must place it in a common strainer, and this on the container.

You just have to put the strainer over the container and pour the mixture into it. The process of straining the milk will take a few minutes since the paste leftover from the almonds is quite thick. To speed up the process, grab a spoon, and move the mixture little by little.

 When you have the strained homemade milk, you can use the leftover pasta for almond sauce or any cooking recipe with almonds. You already have your almond milk made! As you can see, it is a very simple process and does not require many ingredients. You should know that this milk does not last for many days, so we recommend that you store it in airtight jars or glass bottles and consume it within 3 days.

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