How to make fried ice cream

How to make fried ice cream

The fried ice cream is a delicious dessert very typical Chinese and Japanese restaurants. And it is that although it sounds strange, with the proper technique it is possible to fry the halado and obtain a delicious result, also presenting a different dessert. Although it may sound elaborate, it is a very easy recipe to make at home that can be carried out in simple steps. Therefore, we explain how to make fried ice cream quickly and deliciously.

Now we going to discuss the fried ice cream ingredients which you follow and applying you make fried ice cream at home. The ingredients are as under.


1.  Scoops of ice cream of your favorite flavor
2. 2 slices of crustless white bread for each scoop of ice cream
3.  1 and a half cups of cow’s milk, soy, almonds, or whatever you prefer.
4.  1 and a half cups of flour
5.  1 egg
6.  Oil for frying
7.  Chocolate, honey or cream syrup (optional)

Steps to follow to make fried ice cream with bread

There are several recipes for fried ice cream with different techniques for coating it, however, we will use a very simple one that does not require much work, using sliced ​​bread as a topping for delicious ice cream.

Start by choosing the ice cream flavor that you like best. If you want to do everything at home, you can check out the different ice cream recipes we have for you: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, yogurt, or coconut, all delicious alternatives to make this dessert.

To start preparing the fried ice cream you should serve half a cup of the milk of your choice in a container. Then take a scoop of ice cream and place a slice of bread on top and another on the bottom, as if you wanted to make an ice cream sandwich.

With great delicacy, wrap the ice cream ball in the bread, until it forms a larger ball with both ingredients. Being soft, sliced ​​bread allows you to handle it this way. Then you must seal the joint that remains between both slices of bread with a little milk, it is best to use a kitchen brush for this.

Once the ice cream scoop is made, wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in the freezer for 24 hours. You must repeat the previous procedure with how many scoops of ice cream you want to fry, it is normal to consume one per person.

Once the freezing time has elapsed, you will need to prepare the mixture to coat the fried ice cream. In a bowl, gather the cup of sifted flour , the cup of milk and the egg. Beat until you get a lump-free mixture.

In parallel, add a good amount of oil to fry to a non-stick frying pan or a high pot and put it to heat over high temperature.

Take the ice cream scoops out of the freezer, roll in the flour, milk and egg mixture and fry when the oil is very hot. The ice cream ball will take about two minutes to get a golden color, when it has achieved it, remove it quickly from the heat and place on an absorbent paper.

Repeat the procedure with all the balls.

Serve the fried ice cream with a little chocolate syrup, with honey or with a dollop of whipped cream. Ready! You can now enjoy this delicious oriental dessert without the need to leave home.

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