How to outline the eyes

How to outline the eyes

Outlining the eyes the truth is that it may seem easy and in part it is but there are many ways and techniques to do it. In this article, we teach you in a specific way. For this, you can use different utensils. Eyeliner, eyeliner pencil (kohl). Which one you use is up to you. The one that is most comfortable and easiest to apply. If you want to know more, see the following article to outline the eyes.

How to choose the eyeliner according to the eye color

Not all colors are good to apply as a liner. The main ones to use are black, green, blue, or brown. Within this range of eyeliner colors, the truth is that the black and brown color looks good on almost all since it combines with almost all skin and eye tones. Within the different colors, try which one you like the most and above all that favors you. To not always go the same, we recommend that you change the different colors.

You will need to:

  •  Eyeliner pencil
  •  Eyeliner
  •  Kohl

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How to outline upper lashes

First of all flush with the upper tabs you have to draw a line. You must start drawing the line through the tear. If you find it difficult to make straight lines, you don’t have to pull it if you use eyeliner. It is different than using a liquid liner.

How to outline the lower lashes

Unlike what many of us do, it is not applied to the entire eye, but only to the half, more specifically from the half outwards. Once applied you have to blur the line with a brush.

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