How to Prevent Your Teeth with Lipsticks – The Best Beauty Tips

Some lipsticks, such as those with a very liquid texture or those with dark colors such as reds, browns, and blacks, usually cause this type of spots on the pallets. Especially when we do not apply them correctly or with sufficient care. That is why, in the following article, we explain How to Prevent  Your Teeth with Lipsticks with a series of tips. Follow them and have a perfect white smile!


Apply the Lipstick Correctly

One of the main reasons why we end up with a carmine-stained tooth is that we do not know how to properly apply it to our lips. Therefore, if you do not want to show off a smudged lipstick, we recommend that you follow the following tips to apply the correct lipstick :


When you apply the lipstick on your mouth, try not to press the cosmetic with much force on your lips, since doing so you can end up with stained teeth, especially if you had them placed incorrectly.

It is also important that at the time of makeup with any bar or lipstick and not finish with teeth full of lipstick, you leave the inner part of the lips without makeup, especially the lower lip since it is the most prone to cause this aesthetic problem.

As we have indicated, the position in which you put your mouth when applying the cosmetic is very important to avoid this type of error. To avoid staining your teeth it is necessary that when you apply the lipstick, your lips are completely closed. In this way, the lips themselves act as if it were a shield for your teeth.

Finally, another useful tip is that when you have finished applying the lipstick you look at yourself and smile in a mirror to make sure you do not have any trace of makeup on your teeth. If so, rub them gently with a little paper until you have no stain.


How to Prevent  Your Teeth with Lipsticks - The Best Beauty Tips

Vaseline, an Ally to not Stain your Teeth with Lipstick

Another trick that is quite popular among professional make-up artists and celebrities is the use of Vaseline on the teeth. Vaseline is a natural substance that is recognized as a transparent compound, without odor, and with a very thick texture, so it is used in different cosmetics.
It is precisely because of its dense texture that Vaseline is used so that lipstick does not stain the teeth, since it has excellent moisturizing properties that act as a protective layer for the teeth, absorbing the pigmenting substances from the labials.
Therefore, when you want to paint your lips and your smile remains white for many hours, you just have to rub a small amount of Vaseline on your teeth.


Use long-lasting Lipsticks

Another tip for not staining your teeth with this type of makeup products is to replace the normal lipsticks with lipsticks in matt tones or with a more permanent duration.
Unlike lip glosses or pencils with a light texture, both long-lasting lipstick and those with a matte tint, usually cause less staining on our teeth. It’s all because these types of cosmetics have, on the one hand, the pigmenting substances that give color to the lipstick, and on the other hand, with fixative compounds that help the product remain intact for much longer than a normal lipstick.
For this reason, if you are looking for a more matt tone for your lips and by the way, to avoid that the teeth are stained with carmine, the lipsticks with a permanent effect will be the most recommended option for you.

Other Tips for not Staining Teeth with Lipstick

In addition to the recommendations that we have given you in the previous sections, you can also follow some of these tips to avoid staining your teeth with lipstick :


Try to maintain good oral hygiene, since dirty teeth are more prone to stick to the lipstick by the accumulation of tartar, food and other types of oral debris.

Another bad habit that causes more spots on the teeth is to bite the skin of the lips. These are full of lipstick so the bites are released from the mouth and end up stuck to our teeth.

Another trick to avoid this trace on the pallets or other teeth is that you squeeze a piece of paper between your lips when you finish making up. In this way, we remove the excess product and, therefore, prevent these spots.

How to Prevent  Your Teeth with Lipsticks - The Best Beauty Tips


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