How to Reduce Menstrual Pain Instantly with Home Remedies

How to Reduce Menstrual Pain Instantly with Home Remedies

Many women have severe problems during menstruation, which makes it difficult to live a normal life these days. they want to reduce menstrual pain. In these situations, women are analgesic or anti-inflammatory. But if you are one of those people who choose natural remedies or treatments. We want to tell you the best home remedies. So that you can know what causes strong menstrual pain. That can be removed

Causes of Menstrual Pain

The severity of menstrual pain varies from woman to woman. Some women experience pain more acutely than others. Sometimes the pain is unbearable, which can have many medical causes. Hence if this is the case with you, we should see a specialist doctor. The most common causes that can cause discomfort are the following:


This is a very painful disease for women in which the tissue covering the uterus gets out of it.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS):

This is a mutation that increases the levels of male hormones (androgen) in the presence of bones in the ovary.

Uterine Fibroids:

Fibroids are non-cancerous cells that appear around the uterine wall.

If aggression can be difficult to cure. You should consult a doctor to recommend medical treatment and make the pain more tolerable. Now we will look at some home remedies and tips. So you can know how to relieve menstrual pain without pills and quickly.

Take infusion to reduce menstrual pain

Infusion is a home remedy for the most effective acne pain. Chamomile, cinnamon or ginger infusions will help you reduce muscle drains and relieve abdominal pain and swelling.

Chamomile and ginger are excellent ingredients against muscle discomfort and cinnamon is very useful in reducing the pain caused by colic.

You can also combine them or combine them and create an infusion with 3 ingredients. Drink as often as you like. But you should drink at least 2 cups a day. If you don’t know how to prepare them, no need to worry. We can tell you how to make an infusion:

  • Chamomile and cinnamon tea
  • Ginger tea and cinnamon
  • The cinnamon tea for the ruler

Exercise Practice

Physical exercise is a great way to reduce menstrual pain. We recommend that you exercise only low impact exercises, such as walking or cycling. In this way, you will release endorphins. A chemical ingredient that acts as a natural analgesic and helps relieve pain. Also, sports improve blood circulation, which helps you fight back pain and reduce menstrual pain.

Have a cup of milk and onion

This collection is a bit weird but given the effectiveness it. We don’t want to ignore it. The onion’s anti-inflammatory properties and its euphoric effect combine to offer an effective cure against the pain. To prepare you, you only need to follow these steps:

1. Put 250 grams of onion in a saucepan and add one liter of milk.

2. Begin to boil it and let it boil for 15 minutes, then remove it from the stove and let it cool.

3 Drink a cup every 45 minutes when you feel pain

Add the broccoli to your pot

How can broccoli help reduce swelling and relieve pain? Broccoli contains glucose, a natural ingredient that eliminates menstrual hormones and estrogens, as well as relieving menstrual symptoms. Take the path of your choice: steamed, sauteed, in salads or pureed.

Use the heating pad

It has been scientifically proven that high temperatures relax the uterus and improve blood flow. So applying heat to the abdomen will help relieve muscle cramps due to menstrual pain.

How to Reduce Menstrual Pain Instantly with Home Remedies

Sex or an orgasm

Having sex or masturbation during the period can help relieve the aches and pains of menstruation. Orgasm releases endorphins and oxytocin to your body. An ingredient with high analgesic effects, which relaxes the uterus and reduces pain and gives you a sense of well-being.

Follow Yoga

Yoga can be a great ally to deal with dysmenorrhea and relieve uterine contractions during this period. Besides, you must be comfortable during exercise. So if one currency causes you discomfort or discomfort, you should switch to another. The goal is not to end the pain and suffering, and to not get too hurt.

Postures to relieve the pain of the period

Some yoga poses are especially useful when it comes to re strong menstrual cramps and calming ovarian cramps.  These postures will improve blood circulation, oxygenate the uterus and easily relax you:

  • Pigeon Pose
  • Bridge Pose
  • Cobra Pose
  • The Pose of the reclining goddess

Get massages in the belly

Massage in the abdomen Massaging the affected area is always a good way to relieve pain and to relax the abdominal muscles. Therefore, You can massage with cinnamon oil, as its aroma will also help you relax. Cinnamon, sage, and kernel are great options for light massage in the uterus and ovarian area.

Take care of your diet

In addition, We recommend that you eat a good diet these days, better to avoid sugar, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco. So it gradually increases the consumption of absorbed hydrates such as bread or brown rice. Therefore, arrange for a diverse diet to maintain hormonal balance. It should be rich in lemons, vegetables, fruits, and fatty meats.

Take a hot bath

Like so many thermal pads, soaking in a warm bath will help you relax and reduce menstrual pain. You can take advantage of adding comfortable fragrances to the bathroom. Lavender, mint, rosemary, marjoram, and juniper are excellent home remedies for menstrual pain.

This article is informational only. We do not have the power to recommend any form of medical treatment or to make any diagnosis. So we invite you to see a doctor in case of any condition or inconvenience.

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