How to remove black hair dye without bleaching

How to remove black hair dye without bleaching

Black stain is one of the most difficult to remove. Its dark tone makes it difficult to remove it from the hair easily and quickly, especially if you do not want to bleach. However, there are several home remedies and tricks that allow you to remove color, although not immediately since it takes a little time for it to disappear completely. We are going to explain how to remove black hair dye without bleaching with artificial chemicals, so you can put these tricks into practice and show off the hair color you want.

Shampoos to remove black hair dye without bleaching

Among the different alternatives to remove black hair dye without bleachings are shampoos and masks. But, in this case, you have to use specific products such as shampoos to remove black hair dye :

Anti-dandruff shampoo

This type of shampoo contains a chemical composition that is stronger than that of other products to be able to eliminate dandruff and the excess fat that is produced in some scalps due to the presence of scales. A composition that helps to remove the black tint progressively with each wash because these shampoos include cleansers such as sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laurel ether sulfate, among many other ingredients.

Shampoo without panthenol

Shampoos that do not contain panthenol or pantothenic acid are also indicated to remove black hair color. And is that panthenol, popularly known as provitamin B5, is related to hair color. If there is an absence of B5 in a person, the hair loses its tonality. Ther
efore, if you do not apply provitamin B5 to the hair, this will gradually lose color.

The way of use in both cases is like that of a traditional shampoo. Anyway, this system will require washing for several weeks and even a few months for the dye to completely go away

Baking soda to remove black hair color

You will already know that baking soda has many applications in beauty. And, in the case of hair, it is no exception. To remove black dye from hair without bleaching, it is especially indicated for its great cleaning, exfoliation and bleaching power, since it manages to eliminate any chemical component such as a dye. The way of use varies:

Baking soda with shampoo

This is one of the easiest options. You just have to mix a little shampoo, keep in mind what we have mentioned in the previous section and add a little baking soda to the shampoo you choose. With this mixture, the head is washed as with a normal product and the hair is rinsed with abundant water so that there are no residues.

Baking soda with water

The times you have clean hair and you don’t need to wash it, you have another alternative to continue with the process of removing black hair dye without bleaching. The solution is to mix a little baking soda with water and wash your hair with this solution. After leaving for a few minutes, rinse all the hair with plenty of cold water.

Baking soda with apple cider vinegar

This other option is also quite effective because two products are combined that have great power to remove impurities and traces of gels or fixatives, among other products that are applied to hair such as dye. They also dilate the hair cuticle. This solution is used like this:

1. Mix the two ingredients.

2. Apply them on the hair.

3. Put on a hat or cover the hair like when you make a mask.

4. Let it work for about half an hour

5. Wash the head with plenty of water and perform the last rinse with very cold water.

Use honey to remove black hair dye naturally

Honey is a product that is a natural hair lightener because it releases hydrogen peroxide, which is a hair cleanser and lightener, and that you can apply as many times as you need until you achieve the tone you want. To use it, you just have to:

1. Mix four tablespoons of honey with a little water to make a slightly more liquid paste.

2. Let this combination sit for about half an hour.

3. Apply this mixture on the hair, which you have previously had to wet.

4. Cover your hair as if you were making a mask.

5. Wait about an hour with your hair covered.

6. Rinse the hair well with plenty of water.

How to use lemon to remove black hair dye

Another natural remedy that is quite effective is applying lemon to the hair. It is a very common trick to have lighter and blonde hair, although it also serves to remove the dye. The reason is that the lemon is rich in vitamin C, which favors the cuticle of the hair to open and, consequently, to lighten the hair. You can use lemon to remove black hair dye in two main ways:

Lemon water

You have to squeeze several lemons and mix the juice with water. This combination is applied after you have washed and rinsed your hair. Also, dry your hair outdoors if you can.

Lemon mask

Mix your conditioner with the lemon juice and apply it after washing your hair. After leaving it to act for half an hour, rinse with plenty of water.

They are tips on how to remove black hair dye without bleaching that will be useful for you to carry out the process at home. We always advise you to put yourself in the hands of specialists and consult the suitability of each treatment before applying it.

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