How to remove red veins on the face

How to remove red veins on the face

The red veins on the face is characteristic of a dermatological condition called couperose , a problem may lead to the appearance of redness and irritation on the skin. Although it is true that telangiectasias (popularly known as spider veins on the face) can usually appear due to sudden changes in temperature or as a specific reaction to aggressive cosmetic products, we speak of couperose when this condition occurs very often in an individual.

Red veins on the face do not have to be a serious problem, however, it is unsightly and annoying for many people, especially those with fair and sensitive complexions, since they are usually the most affected. Do you wonder how to remove red veins on your face with home remedies? Is it really possible to get rid of spider veins on the face without going through the dermatologist? In the following article we explain everything you should know about it.

Why do red veins appear on my face?

The red, pink or purple veins on the face usually appear in areas such as the neck, chin, cheekbones or the wings of the nose, as they are the most sensitive parts of the face. Also called telangiectasias , these spiders on the face are mainly harmless, however, they could be an indication that something is not going well with our health.

These red veins on the face are caused by vasodilation of the facial capillaries , and although they are usually more common in women than in men, they can be a problem for both sexes. Some of the reasons why this alteration may occur are the following:

  • Hypertension : being diseases related to the dilation of blood vessels, many people who suffer from hypertension have these little veins on the face.
  • Aging : the years cause our circulation to become less and less fluid, which is why telangiectasias appear in the legs, but also in the face and in other parts of the body.
  • Genetics : as always, we cannot forget the importance of the genetic factor, which can determine the type of skin that an individual will have, as well as its sensitivity.
  • Hormonal imbalances : spider veins on the face, legs and feet are very common also during pregnancy and menopause, as changes occur in blood circulation that can affect our skin.
  • Sudden temperature changes : as we said before, couperose can be caused by sudden changes in temperature, since these contract and dilate the blood vessels and can end up causing them to lose elasticity.
  • Alcohol and tobacco : these products are very harmful to your health, but also to the condition of your skin. Did you know that alcoholic nose veins can be irreversible? This is because alcohol breaks down the delicate capillaries in the area, turning it reddish or even purple.

Despite these causes, the small veins in the face may also be the consequence of diseases such as ataxia-telangiectasia, Bloom syndrome or Osler Weber Rendu syndrome, among others, health problems that are usually hereditary and directly affect the sensitivity of the skin.


Is it possible to remove spider veins with home remedies? It is proven that there are many natural ingredients that can help reduce couperose due to their properties. However, you should know that there are no miracle and homemade products that can make very marked and many years old telangiectasias disappear.

Of course, if you want to significantly reduce the red veins on your face with natural products, options such as calendula can be magnificent. And it is that calendula is a species with healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that stimulate circulation by increasing the amount of blood that flows through the injured area, which leads to a regeneration of damaged skin tissue .

  1. To use this home remedy, you can use natural calendula soap or calendula oil, as you prefer.
  2. If you bet on soap, we recommend doing a facial cleaning with water and this completely natural soap. Gently massage the skin, making circles and without rubbing the affected areas too much. Finally, rinse with plenty of warm water.
  3. If you opt for oil, apply a few drops of this product on your fingers and massage the affected areas, making gentle circles. Let your skin absorb the properties of the calendula overnight, and in the next morning, rinse with warm water.

Raw garlic

Wondering how to get rid of spider veins on your face with easy-to-find remedies? Then you should know that garlic can become your greatest ally. This food is perfect for stimulating blood circulation, since in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, it has antioxidant benefits that fight free radicals and prevent premature aging in the skin.

The bioflavonoids in garlic are ideal for strengthening the walls of your blood vessels so that they do not break so easily. To use this remedy, follow these steps:

  1. Crush a raw garlic clove and put it in a saucepan.
  2. Add a completely natural yogurt to the saucepan and mix both ingredients well.
  3. Apply the mixture on your face, giving a gentle facial massage.
  4. Leave it to act for no more than 10 minutes and, finally, remove it with plenty of water.

Water of roses

Rose water is a natural antioxidant tonic full of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties , so if you want to protect your skin from external agents that are harmful to your skin and regenerate damaged facial tissues, this remedy is perfect. In addition, rose water will allow you to reduce other effects of couperose, such as rosacea and irritations . Take note!

  1. To use rose water as a tonic so that your skin can benefit daily from the benefits of this remedy, start by preparing your natural rose water .
  2. Once you have your rose water, dip a cotton ball in it and proceed to apply it to your face, giving small and soft touches.
  3. It is important that you do not rub the cotton against your skin, just wet it with a small amount of cotton.
  4. Let your skin absorb the rose water and, once it is dry, proceed with the next product in your facial routine.

Chamomile infusion

If you wonder how to remove the veins from your face in a week , you should know that no home remedy can provide you with miraculous effects. However, ingredients as beneficial and easy to find as chamomile can be very successful in reducing the red veins on the face and making them disappear with perseverance and patience.

The chamomile plant contains anti-inflammatory and toning qualities that are perfect for cleansing the face and thus reducing the visibility of the pores and veins on the face. In addition, using this plant will help you relieve irritation on your face, so take note to start treating your couperose from home:

  1. Make a chamomile infusion and let it cool.
  2. Next, soak a cotton ball with chamomile and spread it over your face.
  3. Wet your skin by dabbing with the cotton, but don’t rub it against your skin. Put more emphasis on the affected areas of the face.
  4. Wait a few minutes for the chamomile to be absorbed into your skin, then wash your face well with your usual neutral soap.
  5. You can use this home remedy up to twice a day, as it is completely harmless.

Leek mask

Leek is a great natural remedy that we often overlook, however, its content of vitamins C, E and B6 is ideal for improving blood circulation and preventing the creation of these spiders on the face . In addition, the antioxidant effect of leek is ideal to fight free radicals and prevent external factors from damaging the health of your face.

  1. Blend a leek until you get a smooth paste.
  2. Mix it with a little milk and blend again until you get a uniform touch.
  3. Apply the leek mask to the affected area and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. Finally, rinse your face with plenty of water.

You can repeat this process a couple or three times a week, depending on your goals.

Milk and honey mask

Milk and honey can help you reduce the veins on your face with a simple mask. On the one hand, milk helps remove dead cells from the face due to the lactic acid in this ingredient, which improves and softens the skin’s texture. On the other hand, honey has perfect anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties to alleviate the symptoms of couperose and reduce its effects on the skin:

  1. Heat a glass of milk and add three tablespoons of flour.
  2. Add a tablespoon of honey and another of olive oil to the already diluted mixture. Stir well until you get a homogeneous paste.
  3. Spread the mask over your face and leave it on for 15 minutes.
  4. Rinse it off with plenty of lukewarm water.
  5. Repeat this process two or three times a week to see the results sooner.

How to avoid the appearance of veins on the face

Now you know how to remove the red veins on the face , however, there are some tips that you should take into account to prevent them from becoming more pronounced or from new spider veins appearing on the face. We will tell you:

  • Be attentive : start treating telangiectasias from the first moment, otherwise these veins could burst and leave spots on your face that would cost much more to remove. So, start using some of these home remedies as soon as you see the first signs, do not wait to have a very marked face.
  • Protect yourself from temperature changes : protecting your skin from the sun is essential at all times, at any time of the year, however, this is even more important if you are prone to having these little veins on your face. Always use specific protective sunscreen for your face, as this will prevent the sun from damaging your skin more. Take the precautions that you can also against the cold; for example, always use moisturizer so that the wind does not cut your skin.
  • Avoid the most harmful substances : as we have already seen, alcohol and tobacco are great causes of the appearance of red veins on the face, so stay away from bad habits for a faster recovery.
  • Beware of irritating products : there are home remedies that, although they have many benefits for the skin, can be counterproductive to treat irritations, redness or the appearance of veins. A good example is lemon, an ingredient that you should avoid at all costs.
  • Use specific creams : there are many creams rich in vitamins A and K that will be great for reducing the visibility of spider veins on the face, so ask your pharmacist or dermatologist which would be the best option for you.

Medical treatment for couperose

If after trying these home remedies you have not obtained the desired results, you should know that there is laser spider vein removal , a more aggressive treatment than the options we have given you, but also more effective.

For this treatment, professionals usually use vascular laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) , the most effective instrument to permanently make redness and veins on the face disappear. This laser usually requires 1 to 4 sessions to completely eliminate the spiders from the face and consists of pulsing the blood vessels with cold air to directly stimulate blood circulation and completely eliminate these marks.

And the price of removing veins from the face with this treatment? Although it is true that it will depend on each center and the number of sessions each person needs, this process usually costs from $ 100 to $ 150 per session approximately.

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