How to rose water is applied to the face skin – 6 uses

How to rose water is applied to the face skin – 6 uses

You already know its benefits, but it is important that you also know all the uses of rose water to get the most out of this beauty elixir. Now we tell you 6 ways to apply rose water to your face. So that you can take advantage of its full potential.

6 Ways to apply Rose Water


One of the essential steps in cleaning the face is the application of the tonic. If you want your skin to benefit from the many properties of rose water, use it as a toning product for the face. So its severe action is perfect if you have oily skin since it helps to close the pores and mattify the skin. 

Moisten a cotton ball in rose water and apply it by tapping all over your face, let it dry, and proceed to apply the following product of your facial routine. 


 As you know, skin preparation is essential before makeup to achieve a better result. If you apply this before makeup. You will get a clean, hydrated-looking complexion that will ready for applying the foundation. We advise you to spray the rose water with an atomizer or spray on the face.


If you want to enhance the effects of your moisturizer. So add a few drops and multiply its results. These drops will provide greater hydration to the face, giving it a healthy and hydrated appearance.


 If your skin sensitive or easily irritated, the soothing properties of rose water will help mitigate redness or irritation. We recommend filling a spray or atomizer and applying it as a mist. You will instantly notice the sensation of freshness and calm and decongested skin.

How to rose water is applied to the face skin – 6 uses


To give your regular mask a boost, just add a few drops to the mixture. Apply it earlier, as a base, and this will help the mask penetrate better and in a deeper way. You will notice the difference.

Makeup fixative:

Use it to spray on the skin, thus lengthening the duration of makeup when fixing it. For a better result, it is recommended to dilute one part of glycerin in 3 parts of rose water. You just have to apply it about 10 or 15 centimeters away from the face.

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