Mía Khalifa Opens her Blouse

Mía Khalifa Opens her Blouse, is shown in a Nightgown, and Teaches more

The famous former actress of adult films, Mía Khalifa, has been in charge of positioning herself as one of the most liked women on the internet, both for her performance in her “golden times” and for her new activity on social networks.

Right now, Mía Khalifa is dedicated to continuing to show her great beauty, but this time through daring photographs for Instagram, where she controls her content and continues to pamper her loyal fans in a somewhat different way.

On this occasion we will address one of his best photographs you can in this one he appears wearing a nightgown and showing the bra that he wears underneath, which caused a great commotion on his official Instagram profile.

In case you did not know, Khalifa was born in Beirut Lebanon arriving in the United States in 2000, so he has already been enjoying the American dream for 20 years.

Right now they are enjoying time with her boyfriend Robert Sandberg who adores her and loves her above all else, including her past.

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Mía Khalifa has always liked sports a lot, so she sometimes ventured as a commentator, this being one of her last jobs, although she also likes to play her role as a chef.

The young woman has more than 21 million followers, being one of the most followed in that social network where the best daring photographs are posted.

It should be remembered that in recent weeks it had become a trend thanks to the great controversy that was generated around his old job, however, everything has already calmed down a bit.

Let us remember that in Beirut, Lebanon went through a situation of total fear, after the strong explosions, many people were affected, before this Mia Khalifa dedicated herself to supporting her native country through donations.

Although his native country was “ashamed” of his past, Khalifa was not welcome in his former home, which did not prevent him from offering his help to that country.

On Tuesday Beirut was in the news around the world for the sudden explosion in which it was involved. She immediately began to move and request the support of her followers and other people to make donations and be able to help a little with the situation in the country, something that immediately began to be answered thanks to the kindness of thousands of people.

It is also important to say that in the face of the C0VID-19 pandemic crisis around the world, Mia Khalifa commented how much the panic they are spreading about the disease bothers her, worrying her followers about a possible contagion.

“The coronavirus ruined my life” she wrote in one of her stories on her official Instagram, however, she clarified that she is not sick, but rather something more serious for her, the suspension of the next season of the National League of Hockey, a sport that she loves and is a number one fan along with her fiancé Robert Sandberg, with whom she goes to games.

At the moment, this whole situation continues, so we will have to be patient, as well as Mia, who has been trying to be well and to continue with her health intact, something that has cost her and we have to admit it.

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