My Boyfriend Is Judgmental About My Weight

My sweetheart of two years, who has been pudgy a large portion of his life, has an amazingly threatening state of mind toward overweight ladies. He makes impolite remarks when they’re out of earshot. I’ve addressed him about it commonly, however without any result.
I’m 5’7″ and a solid 133 pounds. I experienced anorexia in secondary school and am to a great degree delicate about my appearance. He reveals to me I’m pretty, however, as of late he said he’d be hitting the rec center before our get-away in light of the fact that “we will be the fattest individuals on the shoreline.” Keyword: we’re. I was exceptionally vexed. He apologized. In any case, when we were in the midst of a furlough, I specified a “half-pound treat” I saw on the menu, and I swear he said under his breath, “That is the exact opposite thing you require.” I was so stung. He’s beginning to talk marriage. Would it be advisable for me to hold tight or proceed onward? — Uneasy and Undecided
 I’ve said it 200 times: Men can change. Indeed, even your own Mr. Shallow Hal. In any case, I don’t perceive any to-ing and froing in your letter, no “I cherish him buts,” not a syllable of delicacy.
Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you do have a piece of warmth for him remaining, I propose two things: Call him out on his judgmental—also two-faced—incompetence, or see a couples advisor. Yet, I caution you about the last mentioned: This might be the most troublesome of a wide range of investigation, not simply in light of the fact that it’s repulsively excruciating to investigate love (and weight), and not on account of things can detonate in tears and shouts in the initial 23 seconds of a session, but since most advisors are lousy at it. Verify you pick one who represents considerable authority in couples (get a suggestion from cheerful companions and additionally do phone meetings) and who will give the abilities important to roll out great improvements.

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