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Salma Hayek’s red bikini that ignited social networks

The confinement has not been an obstacle to the brainstorm to celebrities to enjoy the summer vibes .

On this occasion, one of the most beloved Mexicans transmitted all the heat of summer to us thanks to her photo in a red bikini.

It is Salma Hayek from Veracruz, who, as usual, shared a photo on Instagram and set the networks on fire.

Salma posed enjoying the pool, floating while harmonizing with the peace of the environment.

Salma Hayek's red bikini that ignited social networks

The image accompanied it with the phrase: “let yourself go.” Just like that, like her in the water.

The two-piece swimsuit in a red tone (the color that is about to revolutionize the fall), showed off the Mexican’s attributes while highlighting her skin tone.

A week ago, Salma Hakey uploaded a video in which she appears as a sexy mermaid emerging from the water, apparently wearing the same red bikini.

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