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A few months ago, actress Sharon Stone decided to give herself a very flattering asymmetrical haircut. The actress has always sported a haircut between a pixie and short hair, which is one of her hallmarks and confirms that short hair has many possibilities. The protagonist of “Casino” has appeared on her Instagram account with a washed face with a super luminous skin with a new straight and asymmetrical hairstyle, slightly longer in the front and perfect to frame the face. An ideal look change that stylizes the features and has great rejuvenating power.

And is that, short hair with bangs is one of the most versatile of all the cuts we can make. A great option to enjoy the advantages of short hair but with longer fronts and with a lot of difference between the sides and the nape, which will give a visual sensation of having hair a little longer, as is the case with Sharon Stone.

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The actress has combed it with a side parting, you know that depending on the shape of your face you should choose the type of hair part that best suits you, which greatly softens the features. This detail along with the platinum blonde makes you get rid of a few years since the lighter tones are the most recommended by color experts as soon as the 40-year barrier is passed because they manage to give a lot of luminosity to the face avoiding the effect flat that can often ruin a good cut.

So now you know, if you are thinking about a change of look for autumn and you want to cut your losses but without being radical, bet on the cut with long bangs by Sharon Stone in platinum blonde because it is the perfect cut if you are 20, 50 or 60 years. Assured success!

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