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The Babylights hair trend that looks good on everyone

The salons are now open and if you plan to go to a professional for a makeover, be sure to follow all safety precautions and choose the best styleIf you don’t want to take a chance on something radical, you can try coloring called babylights.

As the name implies, this trend is inspired by the light highlights that babies have in their hair. It is a technique that bets on a fresh and natural appearance.

Unlike other colorations, here the hair damage is minimal because it is not necessary to bleach all the hair, but only thin strands are taken where a dye is applied one or two tones lighter than the natural color. The idea is that they look like reflections.

The secret of the wicks babylights is that the first lights have to be very close to the face and begin practically from the root; in this way, they will bring you a lot of light. The rest of the highlights are distributed throughout the hair.

Thanks to this coloring , the hair acquires various shades, creating an optical effect of more volume and lots of natural light.

One of the great advantages of babylights compared to other techniques is that it is perfect for all skin types, because the tones of the highlights are chosen based on the natural color of the hair .

It is very flattering for brown skin because it uses a wide range of warm tones, which brings a lot of light to the face and the result is very natural.

For example, mahogany or chocolate highlights could be added to a dark chestnut; already a light brown, a caramel tone. Even light- haired women can cheer up on this trend by wearing almost white shades.

In addition to these options, professional colorists can find many more combinations to achieve the perfect effect, as it is suitable for both gold and ash shades.

Many people confuse babylights with balayage , but they are about different things. As we have explained, the first ones are wicks distributed in the hair.

Instead, balayage is a technique of French origin that means “sweep.” And, as the name implies, it consists of sweeping the color throughout the hair, from the roots to the ends.

Unlike other techniques, which only look good on long hair, babylights can also be done on medium hair because, as these are highlights that are distributed throughout the hair, their length does not matter. Check the image to verify it.

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So that you finish falling in love with this trend , we leave you more images.

See how good they look on tanned skin. The coloring is so natural that the lights seem to be the effect of the sun’s rays on the hair.

As we said, if your hair is ash blonde you can also join the trend with almost white highlights. The result will be spectacular.

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