The evolution of Jennifer López’s butt

The evolution of Jennifer López's butt

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most beautiful women in the world of celebrity. Although if for something he has always drawn the attention it is for his butt. A butt that has undergone constant evolution in recent years. At the time, much was said about whether he had undergone surgery, whether it was natural, whether he was injected. What is clear is that we see an evolution in his bum since it started in this world, until now. How about?

Since Jennifer Lopez began her career, she has always had an impact on her peculiar beauty and spectacular body. However, years ago the spectacular figure wore that today focuses all eyes thanks to a lot of exercises, a healthy diet, and … some touch-ups.

He has undergone a few times in the operating room, recent rumors about an increase in his chest, but the plastic surgery that caused the most controversy was the one performed on his buttocks, and that is that several international media claim that although he had an enviable butt, J.He increased it artificially. Now, that will never come out of his mouth, since he has repeatedly repeated that he does not have implants and that his butt is inherited from his maternal family. However, speculation has never stopped.

Their buttocks are still their most admired and desired part by them and by them. So much so, that to keep it safe, the singer secured her upside down in a million. Without a doubt, she competes in having the best ass in the world against Kim Kardashian. Both are part of the list of celebrities who have a big butt. How about?

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