What are the best wedding planning apps

What are the best wedding planning apps?

What are the best wedding planning apps?

The technology does not stop advancing and thanks to its benefits are now possible on your phone or tablet endless activities and errands until not long ago had to do in person. Among the wonderful advances in the digital world, we find applications to plan weddings that, from wherever you are, allow you to save time and organize that special day. Gone are the brides with agendas and magazine towers, take advantage of your smartphone or iPad and find out in this article which are the best applications for planning weddings.

Totally free and available on all electronic devices, Wedding911 is one of the best wedding planning apps. Its name refers to the emergency number most used internationally, and this app offers to be your lifesaver to answer any questions that may arise regarding weddings, acting as a virtual wedding planner, and guiding users on honeymoon matters. , protocol, and details of the organization.

Among the best applications for planning, weddings are Wedding Wire, an authentic wedding planner on your mobile that will help you manage the guest list, things that need to be done, and even create a budget. You will also find a gallery of images of photographs and wedding dresses and recommendations from other couples to make the task of organizing your wedding easier.

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If there is a complete application among the best to plan weddings, this is it. It is about My Wedding, and in it you will find the option to do from a list of your favorite suppliers to the possibility of organizing the tables and guests for the party. In addition, it allows you to upload multimedia files such as images, songs, and videos. It only has one flaw: it is not free!

If your dilemma is the budget, with Design your wedding you can do it easily since it allows you to elaborate on more than one so that you can compare them and decide on the one you like the most or the one that best suits your needs. Among its other tentative offers, it highlights the possibility of scheduling your important tasks and commitments during planning.

Wedding Dress Lookbook is not a wedding planning app, but every bride-to-be should have it. It is a digital catalog in which you will find a variety of models of wedding dresses of different brands and designers, it is like going to all the stores that you like from the comfort of your mobile. In this order, the applications of Rosa Clará and Pronovias also stand out, showing their current catalog and those of other seasons.

If there is an application that gathers infinite trends for planning weddings, it is Pinterest. This photographic library is infinite and in it you will find from creative ideas to imitate at your wedding to recommendations, tips, advice and throughout its wedding section or in the infinity of existing boards on the subject. We recommend that you create a dashboard in your account for this category and store everything that catches your attention there.

Our Wedding Planner is exactly a wedding planner that even allows you to import your list of phone contacts to drag them to your guest list: fabulous! It also asks you for your wedding date to create alerts that will notify you of the ideal time limit to perform your tasks. As if that weren’t enough, as your guests confirm this app, start planning their placement at the tables.

Last but not least, when planning a wedding there is always excitement and impatience for the days remaining for the arrival of the big event. To enjoy this special stage even more and to keep the emotion always alert, we recommend Wedding Countdown Widget , an app that allows you to count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds that are left until the wedding date. As if that were not enough, you can set the scene with photos of the couple and share it on social networks.

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