Why are some eggs blue

Why are some eggs blue?

Blue eggs were a trend in Mexico for images of chicken eggs with small pigments that color, rare? But what is the explanation?

On the one hand, there is an investigation into hatchery conditions in Mexican cities. These animals are injected with antibiotics to fight the diseases they are exposed to

But on the other hand there are also chickens that lay  blue eggs , naturally. The components can vary the levels of protein and cholesterol, but they do not affect the health of consumers.

The controversial blue eggs have certain color pigments. According to the organization  Mercy For Animals, it was because “they came into contact with medications.” Then these two cases can be differentiated into sick and healthy chickens.


They do not have a negative reaction on human health. They come from hens called Araucanas or Mapuche, originating in Chile.

The reason for the color change in the eggs is due to an enzyme that the animal generates and transforms hemoglobin into biliverdin. This is concentrated in the shell.


Apart from blue, they can take on a greenish color. The shells of these eggs are thicker, thus the food is preserved for much longer.

It is not common to see these eggs in stores or supermarkets because these chickens have a much lower production level.

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