Why I move so much in Sleep – Here the answer

Many times, when we sleep, our body does not rest well and it manifests moving. We can realize it or not, since either we move because it is hard for us to sleep (that is, we are awake) or it is our partner who warns us of our continuous nocturnal movements. The reasons why this happens are usually several and, in general, none of them have to be overly alarmed.
If you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping peacefully and you do not know why do not miss this article about why I move so much in bed. We will give you all the answers!

Why I move when I Sleep

Moving during the night may be due to various reasons, but the most common are the following:
Stress: stress, nerves and other synonyms are usually one of the main reasons why we move when we sleep. At night our brain remains restless if there are things that concern us. Hence, we move so much in bed.
Medications: the use of some medications can have mild side effects in us, such as small tics or, in this case, make it difficult for us to be still while we sleep. If the movement in the bed is for you or your partner something uncomfortable, go to your doctor to change or withdraw the medication as soon as possible.
Mattress: although we do not believe it, the mattress on which we sleep influences a lot at the time of falling asleep and enjoying a good rest. If the mattress is very used, or if it is harder or softer than ideal for us, it may be a good time to reconsider changing it.
Why I move when I Sleep

Why do I kick when I Sleep

Moving is one thing, but kicking is another very different. The kicks are much more aggressive movements that reveal parts of our unconscious. In general, we kick when we sleep for the following reasons:
To release stress or anger: In general, kicking during sleep can be a way to release stress or anger from our brain. At night, it is when our body relaxes more and shows certain moods and other things that, sometimes, usually hide.
For a restless sleep: you can also kick yourself when you sleep for a dream you are having, usually agitated.
A way that our brains have to take care of us: several studies have also confirmed that when we give a kick shortly after falling asleep, it is a way for our brain to wake up suddenly to make sure we are not dead.

How to Avoid Moving about Sleeping

To avoid moving when sleeping, we can try certain things that help us relax, such as what we present below:
Infusions: there are special teas to get to sleep, but there are also others that are ideal for relaxing, such as lime or the infusion of valerian.
Yoga: the practice of yoga is one of the most relaxing and beneficial there is. Not only will you achieve greater inner wellbeing, which will help you sleep well and not move at night, but you will also exercise a low to moderate intensity.
Meditation: another good technique to sleep well. Meditation is a great ally when it comes to releasing stress and other negative energies from our mind that make us move at night.
Relaxation music: a good option is, before going to sleep, try listening to quiet music to relax our mind and achieve our goal.
Do sport: exercise is always very beneficial for almost everything. In this case, we would alleviate all the tensions accumulated during the day and could help us rest comfortably on our mattress.
Routine: we also recommend that you try to mark yourself a more or less fixed hour to go to bed. With the passing of days, your brain will understand that, when the time comes, it is time to relax and rest.
How to Avoid Moving about Sleeping

How to Sleep Well

We can ensure a better rest if we follow a series of guidelines:

Avoid watching movies of fear or action before sleep: this would leave us so upset that it is likely that we not only move but have nightmares and do not rest properly.
Do not drink beverages with sugar: forget about soft drinks at night. The best thing is to drink water since the sugar stimulates our nervous system, which would cause us to provoke even more all those nocturnal movements.
Do not dine red meats or many proteins: it has been demonstrated that copious dinners or that they contain large amounts of protein, reveal us in such a way that it can cost us a night of not hitting our eyes.
How to Sleep Well

What do I do if my Partner moves a lot when he Sleeps?

If this is the case, it is best to first talk with him or her and then try to find a solution, but not before finding out what is the reason why your partner moves a lot when he sleeps.
If the problem is nerves or anxiety: You can try to take tiles and other infusions to sleep well. If it does not work and you see that your nervous state is uncontrollable, you can go to the doctor or another specialist of your choice to remedy the problem.
If the problem is the mattress: if you are not comfortable at bedtime because of the mattress and you do not know which one would be right for him or her, you can go to a store specializing in mattresses; There they will attend you and recommend you what is the best mattress for you.
What do I do if my Partner moves a lot when he Sleeps?
This article is merely informative. We do not have the faculty to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We offer you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.
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